For individuals who are scrolling through the never-ending job boards, looking to break free of their current jobs, or are looking to pursue new opportunities, iHRU is there to help with a wide range of services to get you to where you want to be. We understand how overwhelming the job search world can be, and with iHRU, we help ensure that your best self is put forward so you can continue on the road to success. While searching for a job, going through interviews, and all the professional development steps along the way, we do ALL the work for you! No matter what stage you are at, we want to help show your future employers who you are and why you are best for the role.

Professional Services

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Resume Assistance

Make your experience and knowledge stand out with three expertly created resumes.

Job Application Services

With our dedicated job search specialists, you can always be sure that your resumes are being sent out to your desired positions.

Interview Preparation

With scheduled personal training, go over the job description, resume rehearsal, entrance greetings, closing statements, and even clothing choices for your future interviews.

24/7 Support

It is in our name, and we don’t fall short. Get 24/7 support on the phone and chat for your individual HR needs.

Personalized Career Plan

Get a personalized outline of your current career status and create a path to achieve your goals in the workplace.

Webinar Access

Get unlimited registration to webinars to stay in the know about everything human resources and the current workforce.

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