The workforce is constantly changing, and professionals are searching for new and better opportunities while employers are looking for ways to give a better worker experience. We see this change as an opportunity to help both sides of the working people and get them on the road to success with the help of Human Resources. We aim to become that support piece professionals and employers need to answer questions, guide, and bring effective change.

We believe that Human Resources is a necessary force during the process of employment and business growth. We understand the importance of bringing your best foot forward into the job market while also understanding the needs and wants of the employers and businesses scouting continuous improvement. By knowing both ends of the workforce, iHRU can assist professionals in reaching their full potential and career goals while helping businesses find the right people to fill positions, and maximize their business and build a reputation as an employer of choice in their industry.

Our Goals

Creating ongoing efforts towards ethical best practices, equitable compensation, and corporate recruiting efforts to help advance communities.

Engaging in workplace trends, employee rights, employment strategies, and organizational approaches to talent recruitment.

Advocating for professionals looking for work in high-demand roles while showcasing their experience and skillset to the highest degree.

Promote employers who meet workplace expectations, culture standards, and corporate social responsibility.


What Type of Questions and Concerns Can You Help With 24/7 Support?

Anything employment! No matter what area of employment experience you are asking from, we are here 24/7 to guide and provide you with answers.

Can I Change Plans?

Of course, anytime! If you want to change plans, just give us a call, and we can update the subscription for you.

Are There Contracts or Refunds?

There are no refunds and no contracts. All subscriptions can be canceled at any time. Please process your cancellation within five business days of your next renewal date to ensure that you are not charged for another month. You will continue to have access to paid services through the end of your billing period.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

Canceling your subscription is simple! Log into your iHRU dashboard, click the “My Subscription” tab, and select cancel. If you cancel your subscription, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period. See the Next Payment date on the “My Subscription” page to see when your account will close.

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